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Ariel's Facial: Luka, Ariel & Soicyc

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Description: When it comes to long hair on a guy, not all can wear it well. Luka, our long haired young man with muscular toned body does it well. He's the center of attention as well in this hot threesome. Ariel is the darker haired twink and Soicyc the taller thin twink with lighter brown hair. Both of them are anxious to get Luka out of his clothes and start giving him another sort of workout. Personally, I'd love to sink my teeth into that sweet tender rump roast on Luka as well :) Ariel gets the middle man position and starts sucking on Luka while Soicyc sucks Ariel and strokes his own cock. I just love the shot of Luka's balls just hanging over the edge of his briefs with Ariel sucking his cock. Balls and Ass, yep, that's me! Now I'm jealous... Soicyc starts rimming Luka while Ariel still sucks his cock. DAMN... I'm fucking hard now! That's it Soicyc, do it right, lick those tender cheeks and gently nibble on them and run that tongue between his cheeks... do me proud boy!! Now Soicyc is our middle man and getting fingered by Luka while he sucks on Ariel. WOW! Didn't realize Ariel had such a nice size cock. Play times over and it's Ariel that takes the "driver seat" plowing Soicyc's ass and Luka rides shotgun with Soicyc sucking his cock. The boys change it up with Luka fucking Ariel and the cameraman moves in behind Luka giving us a great shot of his ass and balls rocking back and forth as he takes Ariel's ass for a test spin. How's the handling Luka? However, it's Ariel that comes out on top when it counts and is the recipient of Soicyc's sweet creamy load to the face first and then licks it clean. Then Luka puts the "icing" on the cake... err, Ariel's face in this case and it's that rich creamy white icing... yum... finger licking good! Download the full video here!