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In the End, I Just Find Love

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Description: Long time "novios" Gustave and Abel share an apartment in the city center. Home reading, Gustave enjoys the classic, "Hopscotch," while in the other room, Abel hears the song "Stranger's In the Night" come on the radio reminding him of the night they met. Able then entices his boyfriend to put down the novel and "peruse" his bubble butt. We get a small glimpse of the love they have in this intense Boykakke.com scene. Within minutes, Abel has Gustave rock hard and balls quivering; the soft caresses as well as the mouthful of extremity are so melodic. Knowing each other's body so intimately, their mouths and hands move effortlessly. Setting Abel onto his lap, Gustave's large cock and balls reawaken with anticipation of contact. Grinding into one another is more erotic foreplay before Abel's hole takes in all of Gustave. Passionately, the top grabs at his partner's ass and hips to enjoy every motion between them. Lost in themselves, the joys of Abel's riding skills are evident before he is swept up by his lover and put on his back. Moaning simultaneously, they slap their bodies together and intertwine. Ready to explode, Gustave releases himself fully onto Abel's open mouth and tongue. Coyly lapping at Gustave's sensitive tip, the look between them at the end is nothing less than love.