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Countryside Carwash Finale

Duration: 2min 04sec Views: 691 Submitted: 3 years ago Submitted by:
Description: Farid continues to suck Ewin before he tops the "carwash" boy. For the second part of "Countryside Carwash Finale" from Boykakke.com, these two use the vehicle as a spot to "hit it" and fuck. As Ewin bends over and takes it, the twinks work together for their mutual pleasure; being neighbors does have its advantages. As the camera drops below to zoom in on all the action, we get a hot close-up of the "inner workings" of this pair; Farid slams from behind as his partner tugs and moans for more. Putting Ewin on his back, Farid slides in again and "bumps" up the action. Grabbing on to both thighs, the top pulls his partner onto his cock; Ewin's happy face is in response to the pleasure he is "taking." Farid then withdraws and steps around to Ewin's face, where he can unload his "suds;" Ewin lies there, stroking and wanting the cum. In anticipation, Ewin blows his load first and is reciprocated by Farid's "cumback" all over the boy's cheek. Kissing seals the deal, as the two "wax out" yet another neighborly effort. Visit Boykakke.com Now!