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Bunking Together

Duration: 2min 13sec Views: 1 334 Submitted: 3 years ago Submitted by:
Description: Finally getting some time to themselves, Jakub, the black-haired bottom and Jiri, the blonde top, head right to bed. These two roommates find that sharing a bed saves a lot of money, and allows for more "quality time." Stripping one another down as they kiss, these Boykakke.com buddies are all about helping one another out…of each other's clothes. With their tight toned bodies evident, it's not long before Jakub wants a mouthful of Jiri. Taking his time to savor the flavor, Jakub also enjoys a "tug along" as Jiri busies his hands. Hearing all the moaning and slurping, I'd say they've been roommates for a while. Ready to fuck, Jiri has Jakub on all fours first, slowing working his way in. After that, it’s "hold on tight" as the top pounds away and the bottom enjoys, "sharing his bed." As the camera zooms in, the top puts his hands to use again, slapping Jakob's tight ass; even having the bottom on his side, simply allows for more coverage of the "love taps." By the time Jakub goes on his back, the action is much deeper and faster than before. Pulling out, Jiri tugs until he blows a nice thick load onto Jakub's tongue and chest; got to love roommates who care enough to share.