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Flip-flopping fuckers - Mike James and Yuri Adamov

Duration: 1min 06sec Views: 461 Submitted: 4 years ago Submitted by:
Description: Troubled by events that seem to be spiralling out of control, Yuri Adamov heads straight for the company of young Mike James; and – perhaps not surprisingly given the fact that his fellow novice is a horny little fucker! – receives the kind of lusty welcome that we'd all like to get given half the chance. Then again, considering the fact that Adamov is quite simply feckin' gorgeous, what other type of response would you expect here? If anything, of course, the lad's sweet vulnerability makes James's keen response all the more understandable; but don't for one minute make the mistake of assuming that Adamov is a simple innocent in this terrific set-piece. True, it's James who makes the initial move, slurping up and down the length of his buddy's shaft; but it's not long before Adamov is returning the compliment, so that before you know it the two fellows are soon 69-ing each other on the bed like a couple of shameless whores! Given the nature of these beauties, however, it's probably to be anticipated that both boys want to share the exquisite experience of penetration; and, having given Adamov the full length of his solid, uncut dick up his ass, it's no time before James is enjoying his mate's wood in return. The result is a wonderful, nad-breakin', flip-flop extravaganza – a show that'll have you creaming your load like a cheap tart. All of which comes to a climax when both guys tease out fine wads for the camera; marking each other's pert body with rich lashings of jizz!