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Full-headed satisfaction HD

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Description: The continual threat of assassination is not something that would rest easy on the minds of most of us, but for secret British agent Luke Desmond it's clearly all part of the course. Even a stay in a luxury hotel doesn't give this fellow the chance to let his guard down - and the vigilance is well rewarded when he thwarts an attempt on his life by uber cock-tease and a??homme fatalea??, Aaron Aurora. Not that you'd ever suspect a guy as cute as Aurora of being the sort of chap who'd strangle you with his trouser belt as soon as look at you, but then of course that's all part of the course in the murky world of espionage - a fact that no-one appreciates more than Desmond, who's onto his would-be killer in a flash and has that monstrous cock of his down Aurora's throat even before his assailant knows what's happened. Indeed, it's not very long before Aurora is facing the prospect of riding that very same uncut butt-picker with his ass, followed by a session with a big black dildo - tasks that the lad undertakes with characteristic gusto! Suffice it to report that it's not very long at all before both dudes are dumping satisfying loads of pent-up jizz for the camera in response!