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Naughty Neighbor

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Description: Texas twink Milo Harper just moved to Vegas and had the good fortune to land on boy faced Bryce Foster's block! Milo is feeling mighty neighborly; so, he knocks on Bryce's door and is immediately invited in. Foster admits he saw Milo and his family moving in and thought the kid was pretty cute! The blushing boy confesses, he TOO has a crush and that's all it takes for these two cute twinks to start playing a torrid game of tonsil hockey! Bryce noticed Harper's huge bulge while he was he moving in and he can no longer contain his cock curiosity. He pull's Milo's pants off revealing a super sized, extremely edible, uncut piece of meat! Foster MUST be famished because he gobbles Harper's huge hog balls deep before Milo's desire for dick deepens and he needs to down blondie's big boner as well! After the twinks taste one another's towering tools, Harper heads behind Bryce to tongue his new neighbor's neither regions. Foster looks back at the beautiful bronze boy and tells him exactly what he wants; and, what he wants is a ferocious fucking! Milo maneuvers his mighty main vein inside Bryce's peaches and cream caboose, grabs the guy's slender hips and hammers hard, digging that delicious dipstick deep till sensuous slapping sounds fill the air. Harper's had his eye on Foster for a few days and isn't about to let this lusty opportunity fly by without test driving the dude's dick; so, he spits on the kid's cock and takes a seat! Bryce grabs his new neighbor's bronze booty and bashes the boy's beautiful butt down onto his hard-on while Harper's happy hog flops around, slapping Bryce's sexy six pack. After the righteous raw ride, Harper hops off and impales Foster's fiercely fuckable fanny once again. Milo has the angel faced fella spread eagle while he buries his big bone in the boy's backyard. Foster's fat phallus seems to lengthen with every thrust from Milo's monster. His big, cum filled balls tighten and the beautiful blond blows his load onto his ripped torso. Milo pulls his perfect piece from Foster's twitching tush and unleashes a hailstorm of fresh, white hot seed that leaves the kid absolutely COVERED in cum! The new neighbors both agree that if this ass banging, cock filled first meeting is any indication of whats to cum, this was definitely the perfect move for Milo.
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