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Thick Dick

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Description: Jarred Scott and Tristan Adler hang out at the park after school talking about the po-dunk towns they grew up in and how happy they are to be in sunny San Diego now. They guys chat about coming out until Jared blurts out his fuck fantasy, asking the usually top Tristan to bottom! He's definitely not opposed to the idea and soon enough, the pair are back at the house humping out the delicious details. After a too cute teen dry hump, make out session, Jared gets on his knees and takes it to the next level. Scott sucks Adler's MORE than ample appendage, making sure to lick every inch, including his bust filled balls. Tristan finally goes inside Jared's jockey shorts to see if he's made a cocky bet his caboose can't handle. He gears up the carnal courage while dining on his dude's delicious dick. Every now and then Adler takes a bone break to step back and marvel at the monster and, most likely rethink offering his tight little tush to Jared's gigantic jock. Scott is getting off in more ways than one. He sees the wheels turning in Tristan's brain thinking "Will I be able to take this?" So, he gives the guy a helping hand and pulls the pretty teens tastebuds down on that dick till his totem pole touches tonsils. With a plan in hand, he orders Tristan onto his knees and tongue punches Adler's amazingly smooth ass while wrapping his arms around the kid's legs to pull his own mouth deeper into Tristan. When he knows he's got Tristan's hole horny and ready to be rammed, he asks the beautiful boy if he's ready. After Adler answers with a whimperingly hot "ok," Jared jams his goliath in his guy's virgin booty bareback so it'll glide in nice and smooth. The usually top Tristan has DEFINITELY discovered a new talent, cause this kid is taking the titanic tally whacker at top speed! You can tell it hurts but in a SO, SO GOOD way! He keeps inching forward on the bed but Scott keeps chasing him with that hung hammer of his, pounding away till Adler has inched forward so much he's facing the floor! Jared's got a fix for this and orders pretty boy onto his back. He reenters Tristan's tight tush and Adler can get to his own goodies much easier in this porn perfect position. Jared switches it up, spreading Scott's stems wide apart while not missing one bang beat in the process. Adler announces his arrival as he's about to bust so Jared jams his jock in hard as HELL! Tristan's torpedo spits a nasty good, yummy nut just as jared pulls his large lance from it's tight confines to deliver about 20 lashes of liquid lust. His sticky seed splashes all over his boy's balls and happy hole; and, we're quite sure Adler is MORE than happy he gave bottoming a gooey go.
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